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Ods have drastically developed within the last couple of years and happen to be extensively employed in the field of all-natural compounds on account of their various Polmacoxib inhibitor positive aspects in comparison to traditional ones, this scientific investigation continues to be ongoing and opens a wide spectrum of possibilities for future research.Author Contributions: Conceptualization: V.S. and G.T.; Methodology: M.C., G.T., F.B., and C.M.; Formal analyses: M.C., C.M., and D.S.; Data curation: F.B., I.G.M., and G.T., Writing–original draft preparation: I.G.M.; writing–review and editing: V.S. and G.T.; project administration, G.T. and V.S.; funding acquisition: V.S. and G.T.; supervision: V.S. All authors have read and agreed for the published version of your manuscript. Funding: This research is supported by the PRIMA plan under the project BioProMedFood (Project ID 1467). The PRIMA system is supported by the European Union. Share this post on:

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