Ive . . . four: Confounding things for individuals with ABI1: Beliefs for social care Disabled persons are vulnerable and should be taken care of by educated professionalsVulnerable individuals need to have Executive impairments safeguarding from jir.2014.0227 lives solutions have a duty for some people with ensure equality for ABI to produce excellent those with and judgements when with no networks of letting new individuals support into their lives. These with least insight and greatest issues are most likely to be socially isolated. The psycho-social wellbeing of individuals with ABI usually deteriorates over time as preexisting friendships fade away Source: Duffy, 2005, as cited in Glasby and Littlechild, 2009, p. 89.Acquired Brain Injury, Social Operate and Personalisation 1309 Case study a single: Tony–assessment of require Now in his early twenties, Tony acquired a serious brain injury in the age of sixteen when he was hit by a car. Immediately after six weeks in hospital, he was discharged home with outpatient neurology follow-up. Due to the fact the accident, Tony has had important difficulties with idea generation, problem solving and planning. He is able to acquire himself up, washed and dressed, but does not initiate any other activities, which includes producing meals or drinks for himself. He’s pretty passive and isn’t engaged in any standard activities. Tony has no physical impairment, no clear loss of IQ and no insight into his ongoing troubles. As he entered adulthood, Tony’s family wer.

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